Friday, May 4, 2012

How you can help us continue our work of serving adults 50+ in our community!

It is time for the 2012 FiftyForward Knowles Annual Fund Campaign and we are asking for your support. Once a year Knowles Center conducts an annual campaign by contacting members and friends, seeking support to continue our work of serving adults 50+ in our community.

The funds raised during this campaign will be directly used for Knowles activities. These funds will bring you more of the events you’ve enjoyed such as Day Trips, the Wellness Series and 1st Monday Lunch.

You can double your donation too. For every dollar contributed between now and June 30, an anonymous patron has agreed to match your contribution 100%! The entire amount received will be used for programs at Knowles.

No contribution is too small. $1, $5, $15 helps so much.  If you are not a member, but have participated in an activity or event at Knowles, now is the time to show your support! You can mail a check or call us if you’d like to donate via your credit or debit card.

Please mail your check to:
FiftyForward Knowles
Annual Fund
174 Rains Avenue
Nashville, TN 37203

For additional information, please feel free to contact us at 743-3488.

Thank you for supporting FiftyForward Knowles!

In Praise of the Egg

If you want to improve your brain function through nutrition, look no further than the egg.  Once thought of as dangerous as part of a daily diet, new studies show that eggs, particularly the standard "barnyard egg" that is created when a hen lives a normal farm life, are close to being the perfect food. What makes them so special?  Eggs are loaded with B vitamins; B6 is important for cognitive function, B12 helps protect against agitation and loss of focus and B9, or folate, wards off mental sluggishness and forgetfulness.  And, they come in their own neat package!  For more healthy reasons to eat eggs, visit 10 Health Benefits of Eggs. To add to your egg cooking knowledge: How to boil an egg and Healthy Egg Recipes.

Want to know more? Come out to the Wellness Luncheon on Tuesday, May 22,  12 – 1 pm.
Call us to make a reservation at (615)743-3400.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

25th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of Middle TN Genealogical Society